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About Us.......

Eternal Perspective Handbags was inspired by the owners Bill & Lynn to help people look beyond today and it's present troubles and to have more of an Eternal Perspective. Eternal Perspective was founded in 2007.  In 2017 we began working as a family sharing our gifts and talents and making all our products here in Colorado.   We are excited about our new lines.  We formed Gerber Safe Company and Gerber Holster Company in 2017.    

We have gone through many ups and downs, over the last 11 years, quality control, pricing, competent craftsmen like any other business. Always refining, always striving for a higher quality product .   By making handbags and other leather goods that are handmade with love we share our vision with others. Our products are built with the up most quality in mind.  Our products are built to be used for years to come by our quality craftsman.  Our bags can be handed down to the next generation. Bison is more durable than leather, buttery soft, warms to body temperature, and naturally patinas after use.  Bison is not like cow leather, once you have had a bison product you will see the quality difference.  Much of our leather comes from Ted Turner's Ranches as he is the largest  Bison producer.  Most of our product line is Top and Full Grain Bison. 

Our products can be seen throughout the United States, Germany, Canada and many high end resorts and boutiques. We had a wholesale business from 2007-2017 at the Denver Merchandise Mart with over 100 customers world wide.   At the end of 2017 we closed our showroom and started selling retail products.    We found our products are to labor intensive to sell in high volume.    We still have a few select  retail locations one special location is in Santa Fe. 

Tom Taylor Belts on The Plaza in Santa Fe New Mexico which you can purchase from online.  They also have a store front as well.


We have been showcased and Featured in many popular Magazines as well as an article in Chrome Magazine...(click here to read article..)

We are a family on the move...